Having more than ten years’ experience in the market of sailing and motor yachts, our experts will select for you the yacht which will correspond as much as possible to your requirements and desires. Whether you prepare to cross the ocean, to participate in regattas, to travel or live on the yacht, having a rest at coast of Adriatic Sea, – we always have something to offer.

We work only with the best producers proven over the years from Holland and other countries of Europe.

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Any yacht, sailing or motor is difficult modern machinery which needs the corresponding maintenance. Therefore its maintenance and service can be entrusted only rather skilled and qualified technicians.

The Larus Yachts agency assumes care on administration and organization of any works on your yacht! For more information contact us, we will try to answer all your questions.

We train

Owning a yacht implies the ability to manage it!

We cooperate with the best Russian yacht schools whose graduates confidently conquer the seas around the world.

We will not only offer you various options of training and a place of practical training, but also, at desire, we will make the exclusive individual program which will allow to combine pleasant with the useful - to receive necessary skills and experience, to test the yacht interesting you * and to explore needed for you region you are sailing.

When placing an order for the construction of the yachts we will do a discount on the cost of training!


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Две регаты для владельцев Contest’ов
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